Every child deserves a birthday to remember. That’s why we’ve launched… The Birthday Club!

Children will receive a giftbag with a mix of gift-ready and brand new toys, donated by YOU. Where possible, we’ll also supply party bits and bobs so kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to, can have friends round to help them celebrate. It’s a natural extension to the ways you fabulous crew of Kids Love Clothes supporters can further help our local community.

We’ve partnered with the wonderful Conifox Adventure Park, where children who are having parties, and their guests, can donate an extra gift to The Birthday Club! This initiative is already proving a real hit with party goers and their parents.
Two such birthday girls are Catherine Gammell and Ellera Spalding, who recently donated all their gifts to The Birthday Club, with the givers’ blessings. Thank you so much, girls. True young active citizens!

Following on from the massive support of our Toy Appeal at Christmas, anyone visiting Conifox to enjoy their range of activities (or just to pop in and have a coffee!) can drop in a gift into the large box in their main hall. Thanks SO much, Team Conifox.

You can help in various ways and one of those is to give us any spare party stuff you have! Wrapping paper, cards, giftbags, balloons, tags, ribbon, party bags, spare bits and bobs that normally goes into party bags, poppers – the lot. This will help parents to create a day to remember. Not only that, it will allow a child to attend a party with a gift and card that they may otherwise feel unable to go to.

For more info, please contact our Fi.