Hello, all!
Lots of you have been in touch to say you’ve got clothes to donate. Thanks SO much for choosing to put them aside for us.

Our referring organisations have been in touch to advise us that there is going to be a huge demand on our service as soon as we’re able to take referrals again. Coupled with the fact it’ll be months before we can take sorting teams at our unit, we’ll be under a bit of pressure! And that’s why we’re launching The Sorty Challenge!

Taking part in the Sorty Challenge couldn’t be easier. Simply sort your washed, donated clothes into ages and label your donated bag with the relevant age. Then send us a photo of you and/or your kids with your bags, with the hashtag #sortychallenge and each week, we’ll post a ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ of your submitted photos. That’s it!

We’ll pop a post here and on our Facebook page AS SOON AS we know when places are able to take in donations again. This is likely towards the end of Phase 3, in in line with current government guidelines.

You’ll be saving us MASSES of volunteer hours and helping us get clothes out much quicker to families who so desperately need them.

Thank you.